Systems Analysis is, as the name states, the analysis of systems!

The systems that we are talking about are the systems within organisations and businesses - systems of communication, financial systems, manufacturing systems, etc. - basically the systems that make the organisation or business work.

A person who analyses systems is known as a Systems Analyst.

Often systems analysts are employed by organisations of businesses to help them improve their systems and so become more efficient, and for businesses, more profitable.

A systems analyst would generally perform the following steps in the order shown...
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Collecting information about the present system works
Examining out how the present system works and identifying problems with it
Coming up with a new system that will fix the present systems problems


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Creating the new system from the design. (Note: details of this stage are not required for IGCSE)
Checking if the newly created system works as expected
Creating documents that describe how to use the new systems, and how it works
Replacing the present system with the new system
Checking that the new system meets all expectations
It’s very important you understand that just about everyone has a slightly different way of describing the stages of Systems Analysis

Some textbooks you might read will include more steps, others will have less. Some with use different names for the stages.

Don’t worry about this! They are all describing the same overall process.

What is important is that you understand how the process works, and that you can describe some of the key activities that are required along the way.

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