If we use a computer for many hours (as people often do at work), there are some health issues that might affect us...


One health issue that can occur after using computers for a long time is eye-strain (tiredness of the eyes).

This is caused by looking at a monitor which is a constant distance away. The muscles that focus your eyes do not move, and so get tired and painful. Eye-strain can also cause headaches.

This problem can be solved:
  • Look away from the monitor at regular intervals – re-focus on distant or close objects to exercise the muscles in the eye.
  • Take regular breaks.
  • Use an anti-glare filter in front of the monitor to cut down on screen reflections that can also tire the eyes.
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Back and Neck Ache

Many people suffer from back and neck pain after working at a computer for a long time. This is usually due to them having a bad sitting posture.

This problem can be solved:
  • Use an adjustable, ergonomic chair, and take the time to set it up properly.
  • The computer keyboard and monitor should be at the correct height for the seated person (keyboard lower than the elbow, top of monitor at eye level).
  • Take regular breaks: get up, walk around, stretch your muscles
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Bad Posture

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Good Posture

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The science of how we interact with the objects around us is called ergonomics.

An ergonomic chair is one that fits the body well, giving support to areas such as the lower back (lumbar region)

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) in Wrists and Hands

Any repetitive movement (same movement over and over again) can result in a health problem called repetitive strain injury (RSI).

In particular, typing and using a mouse for long periods are common causes of RSI in the wrist (it is often called carpal-tunnel syndrome).
This problem can be solved:
  • Use a wrist-rest to support the wrists while typing and when using the mouse.
  • Take regular breaks from typing or using the mouse.
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