The syllabus says that you should be able to:

have an understanding of a range of IT applications in their everyday life and be aware of the impact of IT in terms of:
  1. communicating applications
    • newsletters
    • websites
    • multimedia presentations
    • music scores
    • cartoons
    • flyers / posters
  2. interactive communication applications
    • blogs
    • wikis
    • social networking websites
  3. data handling applications
    • surveys
    • address lists
    • tuck shop records
    • clubs and society records
    • school reports
    • school libraries
  4. measurement applications
    • scientific experiments
    • electronic timing
    • environmental monitoring
  5. control applications
    • turtle graphics
    • control of lights, buzzers and motors
    • automatic washing machines
    • automatic cookers
    • central heating controllers
    • burglar alarms
    • video recorders / players
    • microwave ovens
    • computer controlled greenhouse
  6. modelling applications
    • 3D modelling
    • simulation (e.g. flight or driving)
    • spreadsheets for personal finance
    • spreadhseets for tuck shop finances
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