The Content of This Site

I have attempted to provide exactly the information you need to know for each syllabus topic - no more, no less. If you were to learn everything on this site, you should have just what you need to pass the theory and practical exams.

In some places I have added extra details to help make the topics clearer. These extra details are usually located at the right side of the page in grey boxes. You don't need to learn these extra bits, but do read them - they'll help you understand the topic better.
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Getting Around

There are a couple of ways of getting around this site:

You could use the menu system to jump to topics that are of interest...
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Or you could read through the pages one-by one. Each page has a link at the bottom to take you to the next page (like turning the pages of a book)...
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Margin Marks

Some topics included on this site have been dropped from the CIE syllabus. But because the information may be useful to students studying other syllabuses, I have kept them in the site, but I've marked them with a RED margin line.
If you see a RED margin mark next to a topic (like the one to the left of this text), it has been DROPPED from the CIE syllabus. If you are studying the CIE syllabus, you can IGNORE this topic.

E.g. The Modems topic, and the Floppy Disk topic
I hope that makes sense!
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Sorry to ask you this, but...


This site took quite a bit of time and effort to create, and it costs me money to keep it up and running. If the site has helped you, please consider showing your appreciation by donating a little towards the site's running costs.

Thank you!

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