Computers come in a huge variety of shapes, and sizes. You will be most familiar with Personal Computers (PCs) – the small computer on your desk, or the laptop in your bag.

However there are some computers that fill whole buildings and others that are small enough to fit in a slim mobile telephone. Whatever the size, all computers do the same thing…

A computer is a device that stores and processes information according to a set of instructions.

In other words, a computer is a device that you feed information into and it does something with the information (processes it) based on some instructions (a ‘program’) that it has been given.

An Information Processing System

A computer is an information processing system...
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It doesn’t matter what type of computer we are looking at, or what programs the computer is running, it always takes in information and does something with it.

For example, a spreadsheet running on a personal computer...
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Or a game being played on a games console (these are computers too)...
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The huge room-sized 'mainframe' above and the tiny mobile phone circuitboard below it are both computers
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