The syllabus says that you should be able to:

8.1 Analysis

  1. describe different methods of researching a situation;
  2. state the need for recording and analysing information about the current system;
  3. state the need for identifying features of the existing system.

8.2 Design

  1. state the need for producing designs;
  2. produce designs to solve a given problem;
  3. chose the method of verification.

8.3 Development and Testing

  1. understand that the system is created from the designs and then tested;
  2. describe testing strategies;
  3. understand that improvements could be needed as a result of testing.

8.4 Implementation

  1. describe the different methods of system implementation;
  2. identify suitable situations for the use of different methods of system implementation, giving advantages and disadvantages of each.

8.5 Documentation

  1. identify the components of technical documentation for an information system;
  2. identify the components of user documentation for an information system.

8.6 Evaluation

  1. explain the need for evaluating a new system;
  2. state the need for a variety of evaluation strategies.

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