The syllabus says that you should be able to:

understand the differences between batch processing, on-line processing and real-time processing.

You should have an understanding of a wider range of work-related IT applications and their effects, including:

  1. communication applications
    • the Internet
    • electronic mail
    • fax
    • electronic conferencing
    • mobile telephones
    • Internet telephony (VOIP) services
  2. publicity and corporate image publications
    • business cards
    • letterheads
    • flyers
    • brochures
  3. applications in manufacturing industries
    • robotics in manufacture
    • production line control
  4. applications for finance departments
    • billing systems
    • stock control
    • payroll
  5. school management systems
    • registration
    • records
    • reports
  6. booking systems
    • travel industry
    • theatre
    • cinemas
  7. applications in banking
    • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
    • ATMs for cash withdrawals and bill paying
    • credit/debit cards
    • cheque clearing
    • phone banking
    • Internet banking
  8. applications in medicine
    • doctors' information systems
    • hospital and pharmacy records
    • patient monitoring
    • expert systems for diagnosis
  9. applications in libraries
    • records of books and borrowers
    • issue of books
  10. the use of expert systems
    • mineral prospecting
    • car engine fault diagnosis
    • medical diagnosis
    • chess games
  11. applications in the retail industry
    • stock control
    • POS
    • EFTPOS
    • internet shopping
    • automatic re- ordering

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