Happy New Year!

Well, it’s been a few years since I gave this site any love and attention, but today I’ve actually updated the site.

I’ve mainly fixed some long-standing errors that people kindly pointed out to me. But I shall also take a look through the latest Cambridge syllabus and add / remove / update any sections that need it.

Telephone Banking Added

Well... spoke too soon. I should have known better than to think I had finished notes for the whole syllabus. I seem to have managed to miss Telephone Banking. Done now!

School and Library Systems are Done!

Just in time for Friday’s exam, I’ve completed the School Management System and Library System pages!

Phew... I think that’s it. The site is pretty much complete now.


Booking Systems is done

With just a few days to go... Booking Systems is ready for you!

Data Misuse and DPA

I’ve added a page to section 7.2 that covers Data Misuse, and the protection provided by Data Protection Acts

Sorry to ask you this, but...


This site took quite a bit of time and effort to create, and it costs me money to keep it up and running. If the site has helped you, please consider showing your appreciation by donating a little towards the site's running costs.

Thank you!

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