Before the systems analyst can make any recommendations about a new system, they first have to understand how the present system works.

Gathering / Collecting Information

As much information about the present system needs to be gathered as possible.

The system analyst can use a number of techniques...


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This involves the systems analyst walking around the organisation or business, watching how things work with his/her own eyes.

Observation allows the systems analyst to gather first-hand, unbiased information.

The downside to observation is that often people won't work the way they normally do if they know they are being watched.
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The systems analyst can interview key people within the system to find out how it works.

Interviews allow lots of very detailed information to be gathered, but they take a long time to do, so are not possible if large groups of people are involved.
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With large groups of people, a questionnaire is a quick and simple way to gather information.

However the information gathered is limited by the questions set by the systems analyst (people could have a lot of useful information in their heads, but if the questionnaire doesn’t ask the right questions, they will not be able to pass it on)

Also many people do not take the time to fill in questionnaires seriously.
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Collecting Documents

Most businesses and organisations use documents to record information, or to communicate information (forms get filled in and passed to other offices, etc.)

The systems analyst needs to collect examples of the documents used to get an understanding of the type and quantity of data that flows through the business or organisation.
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