Past Papers

I cannot provide past papers for you through this site (so please don't ask me!) since CIE owns the copyright to these documents.

However, some past exam papers (theory and practical) along with mark schemes can be downloaded from the CIE site.
At the moment the following papers and mark schemes are available from the CIE website (clicking a link will open the document up from the CIE website in an online Google Docs viewer):
To answer the practical papers, you will need to download the supporting files (these are ZIP files):
The examiner's reports are very useful to help you identify where students made common mistakes (so that you can avoid the same mistakes)
(Your teacher may well have access to other past papers, etc.)
The practical exam mark schemes are really useful to see exactly what the examiners are expecting you to produce.
But beware! The theory exam mark schemes contain bulleted lists of keywords that the examiners are looking for. If you only write these keywords you will not get the marks!
You must write in full sentences are show that you actually understand the topic! Do NOT try to learn the theory exam mark scheme keywords - learn the topic!