Happy New Year!

Well, it’s been a few years since I gave this site any love and attention, but today I’ve actually updated the site.

I’ve mainly fixed some long-standing errors that people kindly pointed out to me. But I shall also take a look through the latest Cambridge syllabus and add / remove / update any sections that need it.

Telephone Banking Added

Well... spoke too soon. I should have known better than to think I had finished notes for the whole syllabus. I seem to have managed to miss Telephone Banking. Done now!

School and Library Systems are Done!

Just in time for Friday’s exam, I’ve completed the School Management System and Library System pages!

Phew... I think that’s it. The site is pretty much complete now.


Booking Systems is done

With just a few days to go... Booking Systems is ready for you!

Data Misuse and DPA

I’ve added a page to section 7.2 that covers Data Misuse, and the protection provided by Data Protection Acts

Handling Data is done

Another page done: Handling Data

Covers how and why we use computers to store data such as addresses, club memberships, etc.

Continuous Stationary

I’ve added information about continuous stationary to the Printers page, plus I’ve fixed some broken links on the Networks and ICT Use in the Workplace pages.

Manufacturing done

The Manufacturing Products section is complete. It’s quite a complex topic, so it’s quite long, but I think I’ve got the level of detail correct. Let me know if you find it hard to understand!

It covers robots, automated product production, and the effects of using robots in factories

Publicity & Corporate Image done

The Publicity and Corporate Image section is complete.

It covers the sort of documents that businesses and organisations create using computers

Medical Systems done

The Medical & Hospital Systems section is complete

The section covers the various uses of computers in medical care: patient databases, diagnosis and patient monitoring.

Business Communication

I’ve moved the information about fax, e-mail and video-conferencing from the 4. Computer Network section, to the 7.2 Communication Systems section. The topics are actually duplicated in the syllabus, but it’s seems pointless to duplicate the topics on the website. They fit better where they are now.

I hope this doesn’t cause any confusion!

Plus I’ve added notes for VOIP and mobile phones.

New Links Page

I do know that, despite this being a great site, you would all value some extra ICT resources, so you’ll find a list of excellent sites on the ICT Links page.

If you know of any other good ICT sites, please let me know (but I mean good sites - there are tons of ICT sites that don’t really have much worth looking at)

Types of Computer

Now you can learn all about different types of computer!

Phishing, Pharming and Spam

Three topics with the most stupid names in ICT! Phishing, pharming and spam notes are complete. You can find them in the Internet Use Issues page.

Systems Analysis done


I’ve just finished tidying up Systems Analysis, and filling in all of the gaps that were in that section.

Database pages are complete


I’m going to be updating all week, and the first bit is done: Data Organisation and Types of Database

Here you’ll learn about databases, records, fields, key fields, relational databases and relationships (these last two items are NEW to the syllabus this year)

PowerPoint Guide is Complete

This has to be the most requested item - my inbox is full of requests pleading for me to get a PowerPoint guide done to go with the other guides.

Well it’s done, and it’s available via Scribd (just like the other guides). Have a read, download it if you want, and enjoy it!

Theory Section Update / Completion

After many months of promising you that it would happen, I’ve actually updated the Theory section:
  • Many missing sections have been filled in
  • Notes have been updated to match the 2010 syllabus (just in time for the summer exams!)

Practical Guides

It's been a (very) long wait, but, at last, there are some practical guides on the site. At the moment, there are guides for Excel, Word, FrontPage and Access. Hopefully I'll get others (e-mail and PowerPoint) done in the near future (but don't hold your breath!)

I know many of you have exams this month so hopefully these will be of some help to you. Sorry, they are Office 2003 specific, but should still be useful if you're using Office 2007, or OpenOffice.

In addition to these guides, take a look at the excellent In Pictures site. They have step-by-step guides to Excel, Word, Access, Publisher and PowerPoint. Highly recommended.

Systems Analysis is Done!

I’ve completed the final parts of Systems Analysis (Section 8).

I think that’s all I’ll be able to get done before the exam on Wed. The rest is down to you!


Batch / Real-Time Systems

I’ve added a page to 7.2 covering batch and real-time systems.

Menus Fixed for IE6 Users

If you’re stuck using Internet Explorer 6 (and I can see from the site stats that many of you are), then you will have noticed that the menus were a little screwy. Hopefully that’s now fixed.


P.S. If you are using IE6, then upgrade! If you don’t have control over your system (e.g. it’s a school computer) then put pressure on the people that do - IE6 is 7 years old, and things have moved on in that time.

Data Types and Effects of ICT

Two more sections ready for you...

- Data Types
- The Effects of ICT

Just 8 days to go.... Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!

Keep up the hard work - the pain will be over soon and you can have a relaxing summer. Winking

Business Use of ICT and Systems Analysis

There are some substantial parts of 8. Systems Analysis done, and some sections of 7.2 ICT in the Workplace (in particular Expert Systems, Banking, Retail)

More on its way over the next few days.

Input and Output Devices Done

The Input and Output Devices section is now done. I know I said I’d do it last, but I had all of the info. ready to use, so it was easy to do! I’ll do the trickier sections tomorrow.


Some More Updates

There are some more updates today...
More on the way tomorrow!

(I’m going to get 7.1 and 7.2 done first, then 8, 6, 5 and finish off 2)

If you have different priorities to that, let me know!

Happy revision!

The New Site

Phew! That was a lot of work.
  • I’ve got a domain (don’t forget: www.igcseict.info)...
  • I’ve got a nice design...
  • I’ve got a big chunk of the pages created...
  • And now the site is live!
Hope you like it!


Sorry to ask you this, but...


This site took quite a bit of time and effort to create, and it costs me money to keep it up and running. If the site has helped you, please consider showing your appreciation by donating a little towards the site's running costs.

Thank you!

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